Hair straightener brushes: how to use & do they really work?

Waking up in the morning and realising your hair is in some serious need of a style before you go to work can make your heart sink however there is a solution. Hair Straightener Brushes are a pretty new and exciting thing to grace the hair and beauty community (especially compared to the classic straightener), as soon as they were developed, people everywhere were itching to get their hands on them to have a try. The real question is, do they really work? Although there are many factors as to how well the device will perform on your hair there are a number of things that may affect it, for example your personal hair type and texture.

After much testing, it has been found that Hair Straightener Brushes have come a long way and are getting better and better. Unfortunately, people with really curly hair have found that they are not 100% effective on the roots however are good for the lengths of the hair. Conversely these brushes have shown to work well on all other hair types, they are ideal if you're looking for a quick fix in the morning to revive your silky locks.

Tips for using a hair straightener brush

  • Ensure hair is fully dry before using a heat appliance.
  • Detangle hair in order to help the straightening brush glide easily through.
  • Section your hair, this make it easier not to miss parts!
  • Work out what temperature works for your hair, start low and increase until you are happy with the performance (finer hair will require a lower temperature).
  • Use a heat protectant spray, any heat can be damaging!
  • Ideally get a Hair Straightener Brush that uses ionic technology, this ensures that the integrity of your hair can be maintained during the process.
  • Ceramic bristles are also essential in protecting your hair when using heat.
  • Go slow! Allow the brush to take full effect as it passes through the hair.
  • Think about getting a silicone heat mat if your styler gets hot all the way round, this will protect your surfaces!

Things to look for when buying a hair straightener brush

Many brands use plastic or iron for their bristles but this can be extremely damaging for the hair, ceramic is the most widely known and established in ensuring hair isn’t damaged when in use. Furthermore the use of ionic technology is beneficial in keeping a constant and accurate temperature during the hair straightening process, this prevents ‘hot spots’ from occurring and damaging your hair. At Lé Luna the Eco Masters Hair Straightener Brush provides you with everything you desire in a hair styler.

New technology similar to that used by ghd and many other heat appliance brands has been incorporated into the hair straightener brushes. Ionic technology is known to help keep the hair smooth and frizz free during and after the styling process, this works by using negative ions to neutralise that of the positive which are produced from the washing process. However if you wish to maintain volume at the roots it is a good idea to avoid these areas with ionic technology.

The Eco Masters Hair Straightener Brush can be tailored to your personal needs, the small display on the brush shows you what temperature you are styling at so that you can adjust it using the buttons depending on your hair type, giving you salon quality styling from the comfort of your home. Resembling a paddle brush the sleek white styling tool is lightweight and handy to use, it can even easily be travelled with to make styling on the go simple and easy.

Hair straighteners might be the most popular method of hair straightening used by men and women, yet it has its drawbacks. From over-heated plates to its short-term and damaging effects on your hair, there was a growing demand for a new method of hair straightening. As remedy an alternative evolved; the hair straightener brush that is presently considered as one of the easy methods of hair straightening by top hair stylists and salon experts. As the name says, these are electronic hair brushes that aim to straighten your hair for a fashionable look. These work on ionic technology and straighten hair without much fuss.


Step 1
With your Eco Masters styler you can turn on the device by pressing the Power button for 3-seconds.

Step 2
Adjust the temperature of the hair straightener brush as you prefer.

Step 3
Prepare your hair for the hair straightening process. Ensure your hair is dry, well combed and has no knots or tangles.

Step 4
Brush your hair with the hair straightener brush scalp to tip direction.

The Hair Straightener Brush in depth

Resembling a hair brush, the hair straightener brushes usually have power buttons along the side of the body and an LED temperature display at the back. The thick nylon bristles of the straightener brushes help with managing common hair problems like tangles or knots. Most importantly using a straightener brush at the same time serves two purposes of hair straightening and combing your hair. Different brands like Eco Masters are launching new varieties of hair straightening brushes for easy and convenient use, these can be used every day on your hair for styling purpose without the worry of hair damage. Ceramic heating plates in the straightener brushes have a temperature maximum of 230° C which is safe for use.

If still uncertain whether using a straightener brush really makes a difference to the hair, then here is a list of benefits related to it that you must take a note of.

Benefits of the Hair Straightener Brush

Image of eco masters hair straightener brush

Ceramic Heat Plates

When buying a hair straightener brush, try opting for one with ceramic plates. Ceramic plates help the hair to glide through smoothly during the hair straightening process and for those with treated or coloured hair, ceramic plates lock in moisture and are safe to use without the concern of colour change or fading. In fact, the use of ceramic adds to the glow and shine of the hair.

Two-in-one purpose

When you start using a straightener brush, it solves two of your primary hair requirements at the same time. On one hand, it straightens your hair which adds to the style factor. Secondly, the straightener brush aims to resolve common hair problems like frizzy and tangled hair. So at the same time, you get two simultaneous benefits by using one hair straightener brush on your hair.

Can be used on all hair types

Your hair might have failed to adapt to all new products and techniques that you tried so you might be sceptical to try a straightener brush. Well, without any worry of damage, you can use a hair straightener brush every day for styling and hair care benefits. The heat reaches a maximum of up to 230°C which does not cause any hair or scalp problems, so whether you have long, short, blonde, black, brown, curly or course hair, you can try the hair straightener brush.

Easy to use and portable

Using a straightener brush is very easy. On smooth and knot free hair, simply glide through the hair straightener brush exactly how you comb your hair. During travelling, this is handy enough to be packed and carried. Plug in and use whenever you think your hair is losing its shape and style.

How to use the Eco Masters straightener Brush for hair straightening?

Switching on and off the device

To switch on & off you have to press the power button for 3-seconds. Hair straightener brushes also have an auto shut off feature where it will automatically switch off after 60-minutes of being turned on. As an electronic device, be careful every time you switch it on and try to remember to turn it off once done.

Preparation time

Image of Woman brushing hair

Both your hair and the Eco Masters straightener brush require time to get prepared for hair straightening. Plug in the brush and set your desired temperature; the minimum and maximum temperature is between 180° C and 230° C. This temperature range suits all hair types and is safe ensuring no burns or accidents on the hair or scalp.

Preparing your hair for straightening process

When the device is heated up, divide your hair into small sections as it eases the hair straightening process. While preparing your hair, make sure it is well combed and does not have any knots or tangles. The brush straightening process is only possible on dry hair, if your hair is wet, do blow dry or air dry it before applying the hair straightener brush.

Get set with the straightening process

  • Once your straightener brush is ready, you can start the simple hair straightening process.
  • Hold the hair straightener brush firmly by the handle below the LED temperature display.
  • Start at the roots of your hair.
  • Simply let the bristles touch the root of your hair and then glide it down.
  • You should use the hair straightener brush on small sections of your hair to ensure more precise straightening.
  • Keep repeating the gliding process of the hair straightener brush all over your hair.
  • Always remember to glide from scalp to hair tip direction and not vice versa.

Hair straightening process duration

There is no particular time range in which your process with the hair straightener brush will be over. It depends on the temperature you set on the device. Also, the length and volume of the hair will determine the time you will take, however, the device might turn off if you take more than an hour. You can turn it on after an interval of two minutes. To turn on or off, press the power button along the body of the hair straightener brush for 3 seconds.