Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons, the majority of time it is because of genetics, although there are other triggers as well. It is important when choosing hair loss products that you take into consideration why you are experiencing thinning, as there may be lifestyle changes you can make alongside using the appropriate product that will help maintain a fuller look for longer.

Hair Maintainance

Lifestyle habits, such as extreme weight loss or a poor diet can be a big factor in losing hair. Not receiving the relevant nutrition to keep cells healthy and strong could result in strands falling out more so than normal. Your hair needs a healthy diet combined with a well-functioning endocrine system (glands that secrete hormones) to enable it to flourish.

Styling methods can also result in the need for hair loss products. Letting it dry naturally is better for its health and for many people, try to handle your locks as little as possible when it is wet, as this is when it is can be at a more vulnerable state. It is advised that you should avoid wearing a ponytail, braids or use extensions for long periods of time. Repetitive pulling and tension in this way may lead to permanent loss. For male, steer clear of intense male grooming and frequent use of styling products such as gel or wax.

Hair loss, ultimately, can happen to anyone. Although it physically doesn’t do us any harm, emotionally it can. This is why it’s important to take care of the matter. Understandably, many of us feel disheartened and upset when we realise we’re starting to go rather thin on our heads, so it’s important to reach for hair loss products sooner rather than later to help gain back your confidence.

Many people want a quick fix, and hair transplants can be a viable option, however this is a costly approach and slightly risky, as the results may not turn out quite as you expected. The advantages of using hair loss products are that they are easy to use and discreet, which means your concerns can be conquered effectively yet quietly. In the privacy of your own home, LéLuna offers safe, easy and effective methods to help you beat losing your lovely locks and them keep them healthy looking for longer.