Hair Care

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Hair Care At LéLuna

Our hair care regimes can be an essential part of our lives and our looks. As a result of the various phases we go through, it can endure a lot. From colouring and straightening to environmental effects and sun damage, there is no doubt that we’ve put our delicate strands to the test. That’s why investing in effective and innovative hair care products could be your answer to achieving and maintaining lovely looking locks.

Choosing the correct hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners is essential to give you the right kind of repair and maintenance. Damaged hair, can be brittle, course and have a lifeless look and feel. Since our hair is often one of the first things people notice about us, it’s essential it looks a healthy, strong and as radiant as possible. If you’ve been laid back in your approach to looking after your hair, you’ll be keen to discover that the upkeep can be very simple and the beautiful results speak for themselves.

Tips & Tricks

There are a few key tips for enjoying fabulous looking hair. One major tip is don’t wash it too often! When you do wash it, use a good quality hair care product that suits your type. By using conditioning hair care products is another great way to prevent a brittle look as it helps to restore moisture back into dry and damaged looks. Keep your locks trimmed every 6-8 weeks to avoid a neglected look. This alongside using quality hair care products will avoid any split ends forming and maintains a fresh and healthy appearance. Genetics and hormones can play a big part in the rate our locks grow, although combing and regular use of styling products can also contribute to much of the damage we experience.

Be gentle with your hair at all times, if you are rough when brushing or use harsh chemicals too often it can become more prone to breaking and may lead to loss. Essentially, you are what you eat; many people can experience damage as a result of deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals so ensure you are eating well. Keep your stress levels to a minimum, as this can also contribute to limp and lifeless look and in extreme circumstances, loosing some of your strands.

The great thing about using hair care products is they are often very simple to use and integrate in to almost any lifestyle. Health and beautiful results can usually be achieved quickly and let you enjoy the experience of looking and feeling fabulous.