Styling your Hair with a ghd Straightener V Natural Methods

ghd straighteners are capable of far more than what meets the eye! There are easily half a dozen different ways of styling your hair just with the one tool, from large waves to beach worthy curls you can read about it all here.

The Method

By taking your ghd straightener and small to medium size sections of hair, clamp the hair and rotate the styler 180 degrees, as you create tension on the hair and pull away from your head you will create smooth and shiny curls, and then repeat all over! With the sections closest to the face it is more flattering to curl outwards and away from the face. This will stop the hair falling towards the face and closing it in. This is the general way to curl your hair with straighteners however it can be amended in many ways; curling each section in a different direction will help the look become more beachy and natural, taking smaller sections will create a tighter and more rento pin curl style look (however we will explain how to do this in more detail later). Lastly, taking larger sections of hair will give you the ever desirable and glamorous victoria's secret large waves, this is ideal for those with longer hair.

Creating Volume

If you wish to create even more volume in longer hair then taking a ghd straightener with larger plates like the ghd v gold max, will help to create larger curls which is ideal if you start from closer to the root. On the other hand, people with long hair often like to start the curls further down, creating luscious waves.

Short Hair

image of girl with blonde curly hair

Using a straightener on short hair often provides more volume than a curling tong or wand, using the same method of curling from the root as you would for longer hair but instead with a standard size ghd straightener.

Retro Styling

For a more retro style you can take smaller sections of hair and twist them up before securing with a bobby pin, then take the ghd straightener and clamp the whole lock of hair between the plates for a few seconds. Leaving them in the pin while you do your whole head will let the hair cool down (and the bobby pin), this will then help the curls will last longer!

A popular method its to plait about 5 or 6 sections of hair and then running the ghd straightener over it a few times whilst its still plaited. This will leave you with tighter waves and also negates the drawn out process of letting your hair dry in plaits!

The Struggles of Thick Hair

For those with thick hair it can be extremely difficult to create the sleek and smooth look that is desired. There are many steps to keep the hair frizz free and shiny for as long as possible. It all starts with making sure your hair is completely dry, either by air drying or rough drying before using your ghd straightener. If you are looking for extra volume then drying your hair upside down will help to lift your roots and keep them like that. An essential part to the hairs nourishment is using heat protectant sprays and oils that can soak into the hair and protect it throughout the process. Once the hair is prepped and ready to be styled it needs to be sectioned; the size of these sections will depend on how thick your hair is. From these larger sections you will need to section further as you go and select parts that are no wider than the length of the ghd straightener plates and not too thick as to make sure the heat can reach every strand. All you need to do now is glide the ghd straightener down the hair slowly making sure to cover every part!

The Importance of Tools Used

image of thick light coloured hair

Combing hair when wet works perfectly as the hair is not as prone to breakage and split ends however its a different matter when dry. It is important that you use a brush instead when your hair is dry before and after straightening it all.

ghd Straightener Technology

Luckily nowadays using heat stylers like the ghd straightener or curling iron will not be as damaging, the ghd range contain ionic technology to help counteract the negative ions in your hair and reduce frizz. They also contain tri-zone technology, this means the advanced ceramic plates will heat up evenly and consistently making sure that there will be no hot spots that can severely damage your hair.

image of girl using straightener

Lastly, ghd have specifically set all their stylers to a temperature of 185°C, this has been established as the optimal temperature to style your hair, so you don't have to work out what temperature to set your ghd straightener at and risk causing unnecessary damage.

Overall it is important that you do not use your ghd straightener before it is properly heated up as this will affect the longevity of your style. You’ll see your natural waves peeking through in no time! Furthermore just like anything else the ghd straightener will need to be cleaned as dust and dirt can settle on it and affect its performance. Not to mention the natural oils from your hair can cling to the plates and build up over time, possibly even causing damage to your hair in the long run.

Compared to Popular Natural Hair Straightening Methods

Beyond these electronic methods, there are conventional methods of hair straightening that do not require a device or gadget. Simple natural methods can be tried at home in order to get pin straight hair. These natural hair straightening methods at home might be time-consuming but are popular, if executed in the right way. Furthermore, repeated use of these natural methods on your hair helps to keep it smooth and straight in the long term.

Benefits Of Natural Hair Straightening At Home

1.Safe for all hair length and types

Anybody can try these natural hair straightening ideas at home as they are simple to do and can be done by those with all kinds of hair types such as course, smooth or frizzy.

2.Simple and easy to do

All of these natural hair straightening methods are simple and easy to do. You can do them at home providing you have the right components to hand.

3.Aims to keep your hair healthy

As these hair straightening methods do not include any chemically composed ingredients, they are safe to try and will not leave you worrying about the strength of your hair. These are applicable for all hair textures and lengths.

4.Requires no professional or hair stylist

All of these natural hair straightening procedures can be executed by yourself. With simple, easily available products and tools, fortunately, you do not need a professional or salon expert to try these.

Natural Hair Straightening Methods

Here is a list of hair straightening methods that are completely natural and can be done at home. These can all easily be done on your own and aims to leave you confident in the health of your hair.

1. Nourishing Oil

image of long wet hair
You will need : Regular Hair Oil Hair Straightener Brush Wide Tooth Comb
  • Use the wide tooth comb to ensure your hair is frizzy and tangle free.
  • Optionally you can warm the oil on the hob or microwave for a maximum of two minutes.
  • Apply the hot oil in your hair from root to tip.
  • It is important to massage the oil into the hair for maximum nourishment.
  • Once you are satisfied with how the oil is massaged into your hair you can wash it out. Use a natural shampoo like Revita Hair Growth Shampoo at this step to help your hair feel soft and cleansed.
  • You can either air dry your hair or use a ghd Hair Dryer followed by the Eco Masters hair straightener brush to perfect your straight hair.

2.Blow drying wet hair whilst brushing

image of woman straightening hair
You will need : Shampoo Hairbrush ghd Hair Dryer Wide tooth comb
  • This easy hair straightening method starts with a hair wash.
  • After your hair wash, pat out the excess water from your hair.
  • With the wide tooth comb make sure your hair is not left with any knots or tangles.
  • Once the wet hair is straight and smooth, start blow drying with the ghd Hair Dryer
  • Whilst drying your hair with the dryer angled down, keep using the brush from scalp to tip direction to make sure that your hair is straight.
  • It is best to continue brushing your hair straight until it dries completely.

3.Overnight ponytail method

image of long wet hair
You will need : Scrunchies Wide Tooth Comb Scarf
  • Start the overnight ponytail method for hair straightening with a hair wash.
  • Remove extra water from your hair by brushing downwards with the wide tooth comb. Make sure, your hair is not left with knots or tangles. However, your hair should be damp and not dry to try this natural hair straightening at home.
  • Divide your wet hair into many sections to make ponytails. Each ponytail should be thin and straight by the end of the process.
  • Fix each ponytail with one band at the scalp.
  • Now beneath the first band, add another in a gap of two inches, follow this method to the tips of the hair.
  • Wrap your ponytails in a scarf. If the hair is very wet, use the ghd Hair Dryer from over the scarf to make it manageable. Then, go off to sleep.
  • Next morning when you remove your bands, you should have sleek, straight hair. Brush gently to keep your hair straight and smooth.
  • Do not use very tight bands as they may make unwanted waves in the hair.

4.Wet Hair Bun Method

image of long wet hair
You will need : Wide Tooth Comb Hair Tie
  • A wet hair bun can make your hair straight if you can do it in the right way.
  • This natural hair straightening method works with less curly or wavy hair.
  • In the wet hair bun method, you have to first wet your hair from all ends.
  • Use a towel to pat down extra water.
  • Your hair should not have any knots, tangles or twists.
  • When the wet hair is smooth, twist your hair into a neat bun.
  • Fix your hair bun with a hair tie.
  • Leave your wet hair like this until dry.
  • When the hair is dry, remove the hair tie and brush gently to reveal your straight hair.

Many people feel confident in their electronic methods of hair straightening using items such as the ghd Platinum or the ghd V Gold Hair Straightener, these can easily be used at home with a quick heat up time. After not much practice it is easy to excel in this method and become skilful.