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Curve Curl Tong For All Hair Types
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Specifications for ghd Curve Wand

ghd creative wand

The ghd Curve Wand has been designed with Tri-zone® ceramic technology which means there are 6 sensors along the barrel to regulate the heat and maintain it at an optimum temperature of 185°C. To keep your mind at ease you can rely on the automatic switch off feature that kicks in after 30 minutes of inactivity and also the safety stand to ensure the hot tong does not touch your surface when you put it down. To make your life easier when traveling the wand features universal voltage and also a 2.7m swivel cord to ensure you don’t get tangled up.

What is the difference between Classic and Creative?

  • Diameter: The size of your curls can be determined by the diameter of the wand, the smaller the wand, the tighter your curl will be.
  • Shape: A conical shaped wand will leave the curls wider at the root and tighter at the end leaving a more natural effect, however the oval shaped wand leads to glamorous and more uniform waves.

The Diameter

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  Classic Creative
The Diameter 26-38mm 23-28mm
The Shape Oval Conical
The Look girl with wavy hair girl with curly hair

Advice for use

1Fully dry hair

girl drying

Make sure your hair is completely dry before use.

2Heat protectant

ggirl with spray

We recommend to mist the ghd heat protectant spray all over your hair prior to curling.


girl with curler

With the wand angled downwards, wrap a piece of hair about an inch thick around the barrel and hold for a few seconds before releasing.

4Finishing touches

girl finishing touches

Once you have curled all of your hair you have the option of brushing the curls together to create waves or shaking them out to create a larger curled look. Finally we recommend to use the ghd curl hold spray to keep your curls locked in.

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Model Look Glove Included Diameter Guarantee Price
girl with natural curls Natural curls 23-28mm 2 years
£131.95 Buy
girl with glamorous waves Glamorous hollywood waves 26-38mm 2 years
£131.95 Buy
girl with glamorous waves Voluptuous waves with volume at the root 32mm 2 years
£131.95 Buy
Girl with even waves Classic and sophisticated even waves 26mm 2 years
£131.95 Buy