ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush

Brush | Ceramic Radial Brush For All Hair Types

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ghd Ceramic Radial Brush

The Ceramic Radial Brush features professional standard quality, providing you with a brush that is lightweight and ergonomic with an anti-slip handle. There are two size options to make use with a ghd hairdryer easiest for your hair length. When styling with the ceramic radial brush it is recommended to use the ghd Heat Protect Spray before use on 80% dry hair with a ghd hairdryer. You’ll also find the brush comes in an elegant box, maintaining the professional standard of ghd.

What is the difference between Size 2 and 3?

The Diameter Description
Size 2 35mm Recommended for medium length hair
Size 3 45mm Recommended for long hair as it is larger

Advice for use with ghd hairdryer

1Wash hair as usual

girl washing hair

Carry out your normal shampoo and conditioner routine.

2Detangle your hair

girl detangling hair

We advise to mist the ghd heat protectant spray all over your hair prior to styling.

3Heat protectant spray

girl with spray

Whilst wearing the heat resistant safety glove, angle the tong downwards, wrap a piece of hair about an inch thick around the barrel using the clamp to keep it in place, hold for a few seconds and let go

4Blow dry

girl drying

Blast hair until it is about 80% dry before using the brush, with the hair divided into small to medium sections. Placing the radial brush at the root, keep the tension tight while holding the dryer aimed at the brush. Then slowly move the brush down the hair. Blast with a cool shot to help keep the volume locked in.