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ghd Aura Professional Hairdryer Hairdryer Hairdryer | AURA? Professional Hair Dryer | All Hair Types

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Specifications for ghd Hair dryer

The ghd Hair Dryer features three new innovative technologies, the first being Laminair® which concentrates the airflow to be more precise, next is Cool-wall which has a ring of cold air surrounding the hot air to result in a cool to the touch nozzle. Finally the exclusive ion technology helps reduce frizz by counteracting the positive ions that cause your hair cuticle to open up, this is exacerbated by a lack of hydration in the hair; the negative ions cancel out these effects; you an also lock in your look with the use of the cold shot feature.

In addition to the elegant design, the ghd hair dryer has a smaller, lightweight and brushless motor making it lighter to hold. Accompanied by the 4m cord; ease of use is optimal. You can also find a removable air filter to make cleaning easier.

Features of the ghd Hair Dryer

Laminair® Technology: Designed with controlled and precise styling in mind with a stream of air that is concentrated and steady; giving you a professional styling experience.

Cool-Wall™ Technology: In order to give your hair the best styling this technology has a cool ring of air that surrounds the heat. Acting to not only keep the nozzle cool to the touch but also to set your hair as it dries.

Advance Ioniser: Frizz and fly-aways can be the bane of many peoples lives, this ioniser is designed to remove static electricity from the hair; leaving you with a smooth and sleek look.

Cold Shot Feature: Setting your hair with a cold shot can help to prolong your style as it closes the cuticles, after they have opened from being exposed to heat.

New Generation Motor: Compared to traditional hair dryers this motor performs excellently. Quieter, smaller and lighter whilst being more energy efficient and longer lasting.

Extras: Featuring variable heat and power settings and a 4m long cord for full control and customisation during use. Easy to clean removable mesh filter

Advice for use

1Wash hair as usual

girl washing hair

Carry out your normal shampoo and conditioner routine.

2Detangle your hair

girl detangling hair

We recommend detangling your hair before using the ghd hair dryer to make the process easier.

3Heat protectant

girl with spray

We advise to mist the ghd heat protectant spray all over your hair prior to styling.

4Blow dry

girl drying

With the ghd hair dryer, dry your hair in your preferred method, rough dry all over or utilising a brush as you direct the nozzle section by section. To set your style in place you can use the cool shot feature.

Model Technology Motor Specials Cord Size Guarantee Price
Ghd - AURA® Professional Hair Dryer
Laminair ™ Technology
Cool-Wall Technology
Ionic Technology
AC Motor 1600 Watts Lightweight and easily manageable 4 meters
luxurious color
1 year £159.95
Ghd Professional Hair Dryer AIR®
Ionic Technology AC Motor 2100 Watts Easy to use and ergonomic grip 3 metres 1 year £108.95

Customer Reviews
5 out of 5
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  • * Love this hair dryer, everytime i blow dry my hair its like how they do it at the salon! leaves it so silky and smooth
  • * Great hair dryer, so quick and leaves my hair feeling great just wish i had the technique of the hairdressers!
  • * wouldnt use anything else to dry my hair now, great ghd quality
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