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Regaining your natural hair colour shouldn’t be a hassle and hard to do. Foligain Anti-Gray provides a revolutionary alternative to expensive hair dye up keep. It doesn’t take half as much effort and they are designed to help your natural hair colour flourish within just months of use and support prevention of grey hairs returning.

  • Discreet, simple to use and contain scientifically researched ingredients
  • Aims to provide long-term benefits which could mean you don’t need to dye your hair as much
  • Designed to reduce the appearance of grey hair
  • Aims to stimulate healthy hair growth
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian

What is it?

Foligain Anti-Gray capsules have been formulated with specific enzymes and natural ingredients, which have been extensively tested to help restore your former hair colour. Its method of tackling your grey strands aims to be more convenient than having to regularly dye your hair and also help you get the most out of your capsules. Its blend uses catalase, without this in our hair it is thought to initiate grey strands forming. Other key ingredient help make the essential changes in colour happen and prevent grey hair occurring include Horsetail, Plant Sterols and Barley Grass.

Why should I use Foligain Anti-Gray capsules?

Scientists have discovered after years of research that the main culprit behind hair greying was an excess of hydrogen peroxide, which is produced by hair cells. From then on experts have looked at the best way to combat this toxin, such as Foligain Anti-Gray capsules. Grey hair can happen to people of all ages, although it usually takes effect as people age. There are countless ways to prevent grey hair available, one of the main methods is to dye it. However, this requires monthly maintenance to avoid roots showing, it isn’t great for the health of your hair and it can be costly. Foligain Anti-Gray capsules offer long-term benefits and don’t interfere with the health of your hair in a negative way. Not only do the capsules include the relevant nutrients and properties to stimulate your natural hair colour, they have all be scientifically researched and safe to use in doing so.

How does it work?

Foligain Anti-Gray contains the enzyme catalase. A reduction of catalase in our hair is believed to stimulate the reaction of grey hair. The unique formula also includes other hair benefitting ingredients to help prevent grey hair and support it feeling healthier and stronger.

Foligain Anti-Gray also aims to prevent grey hair by supporting the body’s production of the melanin pigment. This can often reduce with age. People have different hair colours as a result of the melanin pigment, which is distributed through the middle of our hair shaft. Foligain Anti-Gray aims to reactivate dormant, or near dead pigment cells throughout the body. This may help to restore healthiness and prevent grey hair.

Foligain Anti-Gray’s active ingredients

Horsetail (7% extract): Helps to hold moisture in the hair and maintain a glossy and bright appearance. It is known to promote strong hair roots and save you against scalp irritation.

Plant Sterols (45% beta-sitosterol): This agent in Foligain Anti-Gray may help to counteract stress hormones that can contribute to the ageing of the hair. It’s commonly known that hormones can contribute to the loss of hair as well as early greying.

Barley Grass: This ingredient may help to enhance your original hair colour by preventing the molecular structure in the hair from losing life prematurely. It’s believed to help thicken hair as well as provide essential nutrients to form a shield of protection, which could in turn help prevent grey hair.

Horsetail: Horsetail aims to increase the strength of your roots and protect your scalp from irritation. It also helps lock the hair's moisture in so as to maintain its glossy and bright appearance.

Plant Sterols Stress often leads to grey hair and even hair loss. Plant Sterols help prevent your stress levels from skyrocketing.

Is it safe and how do I take it?

Is it safe and how do I take it?

Take two Foligain Anti-Gray capsules a day. Foligain Anti-Gray capsules are safe to take as directed and have no known side effects. As with taking any blend to prevent grey hair, always check the ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or on any medication, please consult your doctor before using these food supplements.

Although every person is different, the rate in which the capsules can help boost your natural hair colour and help prevent grey hair will vary. Most users are able to experience initial benefits of healthy looking hair.

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