How to: Flawless Curls That Last Longer Using the ghd Curl Hold Spray

Having your perfectly luscious curls fall out not long after styling or leaving the house can be a nightmare! There are many tips and tricks that can help your curls to stay longer including the innovative ghd Curl Hold Spray. Often curls can be quite personal to hair type, length and even the health of the hair however you can read on for tips that we have found work for almost everyone!

Let it Cool!

image of curled brown hair

Letting the hair cool down can be vital in maintaining the look for as long as possible; here’s how it’s done. When curling the hair with a wand or tong the heat is transferred onto the hair in order to change the form of it. There are two methods people use to let their curls cool down depending on how tight they want them, the easier and more basic way is to just hold it in your hand once you take it off the barrel and leave it there for a bit whilst it cools down. This is thought to be less effective due to the shorter time spent cooling down means that they were not completely cool when let go of. The other method is to pin each curl up as you go, this maintains the curl in the desired shape and they can be left there for however long you wish, usually the longer the better. Equally if you do not have time to wait once pinned, utilising the cool shot feature on your hair dry will speed up the process. Once they have cooled down the cuticle will have closed again and set in place. Further protection can be provided by using a hairspray like the ghd Curl Hold Spray.

The importance of the ghd Curl Hold Spray

There are different popular methods to using hair sprays and fixes for finishing or even beginning your look. Overall it is agreed to start with a heat protectant spray, we recommend the ghd heat protect, making sure to coat each strand; it is easier to do as you section your hair but make sure you wait for it to dry before applying heat. Back to the ghd Curl Hold Spray, it is recommended to apply this prior to curling, so once you have heat protected your hair, lightly mist the curl hold spray over the section too, making sure you're not too close to the hair and also waiting for it to dry. After using the tong and once you have let the curl cool by holding it or pinning you should mist over it again in order to coat the now closed cuticles of the hair. Lastly once you have finished your styling by shaking or brushing out the curls you can give it one last mist all over with the ghd Curl Hold Spray to maintain that look for even a few days!

The Technology Behind the ghd Curl Hold Spray

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Formulated specifically for the health and vitality of your curls, the ghd Curl Hold Spray helps to define and enhance, whilst creating bouncy and luscious curls. You can also rest easy knowing that the formula includes the ghd Heat Protect system, which is widely regarded for keeping your hair looking thick and shiny. The overall aim of the ghd Curl Hold Spray is to protect your hair from excess heat damage and also help to lock in the style you have spent ages labouring over; all whilst keeping your hair feeling soft and product free.

Picking the Right Stylers to Accompany the ghd Curl Hold Spray

Investment into your heat appliances is important when looking for styles that will last as it cannot all be relied on that of the ghd Curl Hold Spray. Many who have straight hair think that the curls will drop instantly when using any brand of styler; they are afraid to invest in a curler for the fear that the same thing will happen. However there are many reasons these stylers are more expensive but worth the money, most will use the innovative ionic technology that helps to neutralise the ionic energy caused by heat and therefore reduce frizz which overall is better for the cuticles and hair health. Furthermore with ceramic plates the styler can heat up quicker and more evenly meaning that you won't have to expose your hair to the heat for longer than necessary to maintain a curl. For the ghd range specifically all the stylers have been set to heat up to only the optimum temperature of 185°C as this has been proven to be the most beneficial and safe for the hair.

Voluminous Curls with the ghd Curl Hold Spray

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The ghd Curl Hold Spray can be used before blow drying to create extra volume in the hair that lasts! This will work with 90% dry hair or even completely dry hair, using the ghd Curl Hold Spray all over the roots of the hair, flip your head upside down and take your favourite ghd hair dryer to set the spray into the roots. This volume that has been set in with the hair dryer will last at least all day. Taking just 5 minutes to transform your flat and lifeless hair to glamorous and luxurious without any sign of crispy or sticky hair.

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