Face Care

The New Eco Masters Facial Clay Mask Kit is a new revolutionary grey clay...
Deeply hydrate and moisturise your skin this winter!
Feel the difference in your skin with this revitalising mask.
For sensitive skin that need a gentle but thorough cleanse.
Protect, repair and moisturise your skin.
New advanced technology to help reduce the appearance of a double chin
Improves the appearance of skin with Photon technology.
Give your face a collagen boost.
An effective device for cleansing your skin.

Face Care

Indulge in a range of rich and delightful products tailored for enhancing your skins appearance and feel. Carefully hand picked with dozens of beautiful blends, the LéLuna skin care range take pride and care when choosing its products for you. Since skin care products have advanced so much in the past few years it is essential that you stay on top of your game and use the best skin care products for you. Since all of us have such different skin types to each other, one skin care product that works for your friend, won’t necessarily work for you.

Our Range

Each and every one of us has unique skin tones, colours and textures. Whatever your individual kind is, it’s important you take beautiful care of it with skin care products to achieve a revived, healthy and youthful look at all times. Some people focus on the appearance of their skin, wanting a toned or less wrinkled look. Others focus on the texture, desiring a smoother complexion and various people want to improve their colour pigmentation for a more even tone. Whatever your concern is, the innovative and creative range at LéLuna can help you find the correct solution for you.

How To Pick Your Product

How do you go about buying a skin care product?

Before you consider buying a product or look for one that’s best for you, why not ask your selves a few simple questions that can help you achieve the best results.

1.What area of skin do I want to improve? Different areas of your body require different skin care products. For example, lotions tend to be more suitable for the body and creams are more appropriate for the face.

2. How long do I want to use it for? With many skin care products the more you use and regularity of use is often the key to generating the results you want to have. Be realistic with your self and only buy if you believe you will be able to keep up the application process.

3. Do I have sensitive skin? If you have sensitive skin, skin care products should be selected carefully as not to cause any unwanted irritations or side effects.

It’s a well know fact that our day-to-day lives are getting busier and more hectic. Looking after how we look, for many, may seem like a timely and awkward regime to fit into our lives. However, it shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be either. There are specific products out there available to help you to tackle specific concerns, as well as your overall glow and health.