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Everyday Beard Grooming Tips to Follow

Most men maintain their beard for a scruffy and scraggly look, hardly knowing the benefits of beard for their body and living. For every man it is important to know the significance of beard growth before they plan and keep it. Trends like No Shave November or to be the boss of your man group, you don’t need to spend so much time and energy for beard care. How about learning all the benefits that a healthy beard can give you and then preparing a beard care plan?

Benefits of Beard Grooming

Tips for everyday beard grooming

As the beard performs so many key roles in a man, hence proper care is important. Timely shaving, trimming, using beard oil and salon visits are basics that men can do for their beard. Here is a list of beard grooming and beard growth tips that will help men to maintain healthy facial hair, without much effort.

Keep your beard clean

Dirty, rough or spiky beard is the last thing that you can manage. It is not about what others think, but more connected to your personal hygiene. You don’t need to shave every day. Yet, the basic care like washing or trimming should be done daily to make your face look neat and clean. Everyday use of beard oil during shower is a healthy way of maintaining clean beard. How about adding five extra minutes to your bath and doing a healthy beard care routine every day?

image of grooming products

Get the right beard growth

When it comes to beard growth tips and products, often men are happy with their shaving cream and post shave lotion. However a new range of beard growth products are getting launched for the good. These new growth products include beard oil like Eco Masters Beard growth oil, beard wax, beard balm, shampoo and soap composed specifically according to the needs of your beard.

Own personal beard care tools

Along with beard growth products, men need to own their personal set of beard care tools. The toolkit conventionally contained a comb, a razor and a pair of scissors. Now, the toolkit can be improved with an electric razor where you must remember to carry its charger. Before using any of the tool on your beard, just massage some beard oil. Massaging beard oil makes it soft and manageable.

Map your beard line

image of beards

In the beard growth tips, beard line is important. You can only achieve a good shave when you know your beard line. Beard line implies where you set the borders of your beard near the ears and lower neck. During your every shave, try to limit the razor to the beard line. The beard line can be set by salon professionals as well, specially during the late teenage years.

Beard-friendly diet

It is not only about what you do to your beard. Beard and its appearance are highly dependent on what you eat. In fact, men aiming to grow their facial hair many times opt for a beard friendly diet. This one of a kind diet usually contains orange juice, Brazil nuts, gelatin, raisins, eggs and more. With this diet, a few drops of beard oil can bring a big difference to your beard and moustache.

Set your style

You have to know what style you want for your beard and appearance. Explore all possible kinds of styles before you pick one. You can always experiment a few of the styles before selecting a particular one for yourself. Beard styles should be decided on the basis of the shape of your face, weather conditions and personal preferences.

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Your face matters

No man can take random decisions about their beard growth as it is directly related to their face and the skin. One wrong choice leads to skin outbursts and painful problems on the face. As your face is very valuable, ensure every decision you take related to it is devoid of side effects. Cosmetic beard products with synthetic composition have increased chances of unwanted effects on your skin, especially when you try it for the first time. Try using herbal shaving products and don’t miss out on beard oil if you want to grow it.

Time your trimmings

Now in the spree for beard maintenance, you cannot shave every day. You have to let it grow in order to maintain a good shape and style. To do this, men must trim their beard every few days. You have to maintain a schedule and skipping trimming sessions makes the face appear hairy and unruly.

Manage your moustache

image of man shaving moustache

In the beard care section, the moustache has a distinct role. Maintenance tips for beard and moustache are completely distinct. Even if you manage to skip on beard care , the moustache has to be cleaned and trimmed at the right time only. Men who keep a standalone moustache must take extra efforts to pamper it. Moustache being directly related to breathing, eating and kissing requires extra care for all men.

Regular salon visits are essential

Some men prefer to do all their beard and moustache care all by themselves. This approach shows their self-sufficiency but might not be very helpful for their facial hair and skin. It’s a healthy practice to make regular visits to the salon where professionals can trim, shave and shape your beard growth as required. The salon professionals can also help you with a beard makeover that can change your appearance.

Don’t treat wet beard

image of man splashing face

Men should not do any kind of beard treatment after shower or post face wash. At this time the wet beard is soft and the skin is also delicate. There are increased chances of cuts and scratches. The beard hair can fall more than usual. The remedy is to treat dry beard by sprinkling little water on it.

Soothe and smooth your every shave

Common problems associated with shaving are razor burns, minor cuts or wounds on the cheeks and neck. When these happen, men must ensure effective first aid. Also, once the shaving gets over, they should keep the irritated skin smooth and soothe by applying creams and lotions that keep the area hydrated.

Don’t Miss Your Facial Outbursts

During shaving, often men miss on the pimples or zits hidden under their beard. This increases the chance of skin problems. The remedy is before you start any beard maintenance activity, you know where you have outbursts and try to avoid those areas as far as possible. You need to learn your skin and face before beginning with beard care.

The problem of ingrown hair

Common problem men can relate to is the ingrown hair of their beard. During beard growth, the ingrown hair is disturbing, yet there is an easy way to deal it. Simply compress the area with a hot towel and use a tweezer to remove it. Never squeeze your ingrown hair like pimples as it may hurt your skin.

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