Everyday Beard Grooming Tips to Follow

Many men will suddenly decide at some point in their life that they want to see what they would look like with facial hair, however growing one is not as simple as just putting the razor down for a couple of months! It will require its own routine including products such as beard oil and at the very least the razor will be needed for neckline shaping.

Let’s Start from the Beginning

When making a start on your facial hair journey it is a good idea to start afresh, making sure that you have a complete shave. Starting by washing your face thoroughly to remove excess oils and even applying a pre-shave beard oil in order to soften the hairs before shaving. Finally using your favourite shaving cream or foam, lather it up and shave your whole face closely and precisely, making sure your razor is sharp and clean.

Picking a Style for your Face Shape

image of man shaving beard

Once it has grown out a bit, you can pick a style for your face shape, facial hair can work wonders to help chisel face shapes. The goal is to have the hair make your face look as oval as possible, so when working with a circular or square face it is ideal to keep the sides trimmed and have a little more length around the chin, this will help to extend the face. Whereas if your face is more rectangular or oblong then the opposite will work better for you, growing the sides out a tiny bit more than the chin area will help to keep your face looking symmetrical and detract from any length.

Beard Grooming

It is important to avoid the hair looking unintentional, having an unkempt and unruly facial hair could do the opposite of what your hopes for having a beard are; far from looking like a perfectly groomed and sophisticated businessman. One of the most vital parts to keeping your facial hair looking groomed and intentional is avoiding having hair on the neck, maintaining a defined neckline will help to keep the whole look tidy even if it is overdue a trim. When starting out it can be difficult to pinpoint where exactly to stop the hair, many use the method of putting two fingers above your adam's apple and drawing an imaginary “U” shaped line towards each ear and then clean shaving everything below this point. Depending on how much time and precision you wish to put into the neckline, you could create a gradual fade. This is done by trimming the first inch or so above the now established beard neckline at a slightly lower length than the rest of the hair. Some even choose to create a more subtle graduation by putting the trimmer at an even lower level and doing the half an inch closest to the beard neckline at that level.


Regular and continued maintenance is vital when growing facial hair and even once you have established a thick look. Regular trimming and beard grooming will make a difference to how it looks and grows, and is easier to do if you use beard oil to soften the hairs first; as hairs often grow at different rates it is helpful to take a comb and direct the hairs upwards and against the direction of growth. This is useful when trimming because you can get a more even length all over; however make sure you keep your desired style in mind. It is recommended to keep up with your beard grooming routine every two weeks in order to maintain the same length consistently. However the moustache will take more upkeep due to the location, to groom you should comb the hairs down over the lip and take some specific hair scissors to trim the hairs to the desired length.

The Importance of Beard Oil

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Nourish it, signs of well kept facial hair is one that looks neat and is soft to the touch. It is vital for you and your skin and even your partner will thank you for it too! It is a good idea to wash it with a shampoo dedicated to facial hair, this will help to ensure the natural oils are not stripped from it and will keep it nourished. Most importantly a beard oil is essential for maintaining the health and also the skin underneath! Many neglect the delicate skin underneath due to not being able to see or feel it but this is important and can be maintained with the natural and nourishing ingredients in a beard oil.

The Professionals

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There are many barbers that will groom the hair for you, maintaining a regular appointment at the barbers for your facial hair can be excellent for those without the time or even the skill to keep it looking great. You can put all your faith in the barber that they will shape your beard perfectly for your face and keep it soft and nourished with all the best beard oils and shampoos.

Overall it is recommended to grow out and maintain your facial hair for three months before you can experience the full effects of having a thick and luscious look. For many years they have been known to unite men and be a talking point, many have said that they help to boost confidence, help you to stand out and even assist in defining career paths.

Beard oils contain extremely nourishing ingredients vital to beard care and beard grooming; oils such as argan, avocado and jojoba all have properties known to absorb into the skin quickly and moisturise both the skin and the hair.

Most men maintain their beard for a modern and confident look, without even knowing the benefits of it for their body and living. For most men it is important to know the significance of growing facial hair before they plan to. There are trends like No Shave November spurring popularity for the beard, making those who decide to grow one more confident in themselves.

Benefits of Beard Grooming

Tips for everyday beard grooming

As facial hair performs so many key roles in a man, proper care is important. Timely shaving, trimming, nourishing with beard oil and salon visits are basics that men can do. Here is a list of grooming and growth tips that will help men to maintain healthy facial hair, without much effort.

1. Keep it clean

Dirty, rough or spiky hair is the last thing that you want. It is not about what others think, but more to do with your personal hygiene. You don’t need to shave every day. Yet, the basic care like washing or trimming should be done daily to make your face look neat and clean. Everyday use of beard oil after your shower is a healthy way of maintaining a clean look. This five minute routine can easily be added to your regular morning routine

2. The right hair growth

image of grooming products

When it comes to growing tips and products, often men are happy with their standard shaving cream and post shave lotion. However, a new range of beard growth products have been launched. Included in these new products is beard oil like the Eco Masters Beard growth oil, wax, balm, shampoo and soap composed specifically according to the needs of your facial hair.

3. Personal hair care tools

Along with hair growth products, men need to own their personal set of facial hair care tools. This toolkit conventionally just contained a comb, a razor and a pair of scissors. Now, this can be improved with an electric razor but before using any of the tools on your facial hair, just massage in some beard oil; the use of beard oil helps to make it soft and more manageable.

4. Hair growth-friendly diet

It is not only about what you do to your facial hair. Beards and their appearance are highly dependent on what you eat. In fact, men aiming to grow their facial hair many times opt for a hair growth friendly diet. This one of a kind diet usually contains orange juice, Brazil nuts, gelatin, raisins, eggs and more. With this diet, a few drops of beard oil can make a big difference to your facial hair and moustache.

5. Set your style

There are many different styles you can adopt but luckily you can always experiment with a few of the styles before selecting a particular one for yourself. Styles should be decided on the basis of the shape of your face and personal preferences.

6. Your face matters

image of man touching beard

No man should make random decisions about their beard growth as it is directly related to their face and the skin. One wrong choice may lead to skin outbursts and painful problems on the face. Cosmetic facial hair products with synthetic composition have increased chances of unwanted effects on your skin, especially when you try it for the first time. Try using herbal shaving products and don’t miss out on beard oil if you want to grow it.

7. Time your trimmings

In order to maintain luscious facial hair, you cannot shave every day; you have to let it grow in order to maintain a good shape and style. To do this, men must trim their beard every few days. You should maintain a schedule and skipping trimming sessions may make the face appear hairy and unruly.

8. Manage your moustache

image of man shaving moustache

The moustache has a distinct role on the face; maintenance tips for beard and moustache are quite different. Even if you manage to skip on beard care, the moustache has to be cleaned and trimmed regularly to stop it becoming an inconvenience. Men who keep a standalone moustache must take extra efforts to pamper it, as it is directly related to breathing, eating and kissing it may require extra care for all men.

9. Regular salon visits are essential

Some men prefer to do all their facial hair care all by themselves. This approach saves money and may show their self-sufficiency but might not be very beneficial for their facial hair and skin overall. It’s a healthy practice to make regular visits to the salon where professionals can trim, shave and shape your beard growth as required. The salon professionals can also help you with a facial hair makeover that can change your appearance.

10. Soothe and smooth your every shave

Common problems associated with shaving are razor burns, minor cuts or wounds on the cheeks and neck. When these happen, men must ensure effective first aid. Also, once shaving is over, they should keep the irritated skin smooth and soothe by applying creams and lotions that keep the area hydrated.

11. The problem of ingrown hair

Common problem men can relate to is the ingrown hair in their beard. During growth, the ingrown hair is disturbing, yet there is an easy way to deal it. Simply compress the area with a hot towel and use a tweezer to remove it. Never squeeze your ingrown hair like pimples as it may hurt your skin.

Take a look at our natural and nourishing beard oil by Eco Masters here on Lè Luna UK; designed to help style the hair and reduce itchiness that may occur when growing new facial hair.