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Emuaid is a natural homepathic treatment designed with powerful natural healing ingredients. These ingredients work together to sooth irritation while simultaneously fighting bacterial and fungal infections.
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Emuaid is a brand that offers homeopathic products that are 100% natural. Its highly recognised and established products provide rapid results for instant relief from the symptoms of skin infections. This American based company has managed to reach worldwide accessibility due to the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Emuaid homeopathic products are 100% natural and free from preservatives, parabens and alcohol, making it extremely beneficial for the skin. No animals are subjected to product testing which shows the companies ethics are of a respectful nature and this can be shown in the quality and care put into the making of Emuaid.

The Emuaid Range

Emuaid offers a variety of products that all work effectively to treat embarrassing or painful skin infections or breakages. The most popular and well known product is the Emuaid First-Aid Ointment. Its main use is to fight against skin infections such as eczema, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, molluscum contagiosum, irritation, itchiness and fungal infections, etc.

For a more concentrated version of the ointment Emuaid has designed a more powerful and concentrated version, EmuaidMAX. This potent version of the ointment offers results in 99% of people who used it. This ointment is suitable for both men and women and is also suitable for children to benefit from the results. It is recommended that people allergic to Tea Tree discuss using EmuaidMAX with a doctor before use.

Emuaid offers other treatments besides these two ointments. Emuaid Overnight is an ultra fast treatment for acne; its facial cleansing effect works from the first application and causes no damage to the skin, making this an extremely effective overnight treatment to use at home. We found that when it comes to Emuaid, they have carefully designed the products to be fast acting and respond quickly to minor injuries, this is not to say that long-term care is neglected as Emuaid also focuses on long term treatments.

The Emuaid range doesn’t finish here, It also offers a range of homeopathic soaps that combats skin infections. Its powerful formula is designed to give your skin the moisture needed to protect and heal.

Emuaid also focuses on helping boost the immune system naturally with its plant based compositions that are suitable for the whole family to use. Emuaid First Defense Probiotic is a dietary supplement that helps rebalance beneficial bacteria in the body. It works by increasing the good bacteria which in turn fights against bad bacteria. Emuaid First Defense Probiotic mainly focuses on the digestive system but is effective throughout the entire body.

A homeopathic first aid kit

Homeopathy is increasing in popularity in the western societies and developed over 200 years ago in Germany it is still being used today more than ever. The aim is to treat symptoms with naturally extracted plant based oils that rarely cause any side effects, allowing most homeopathic medicines to be used by people of all ages, including children.

A first aid kit for homeopathic relief, you must provide

  • a treatment against bruises and blows;
  • a treatment against inflammations and irritations (natural cream EmuaidMax is entirely appropriate);
  • disinfectant;
  • some dressings.

This basic kit is perfect to carry around at all time, especially with children as they are prone to having small accidents, which Emuaid is designed for.

When travelling it is always advisable to carry a First Aid Kit at all times, especially when travelling with children as it can help you to avoid costly visits to the local doctors. Below is a list of essential treatments that can help you avoid skin infections and internal infections.

  • A treatment against sickness,
  • A remedy against digestive disorders (constipation, bloating, gas, alleviates diarrhea).
  • A treatment against stress. This type of product is suitable for stress.

Emuaid First Defense Probiotic treats intestinal disorders and is essential for your first aid kit;

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