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Incorporated with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology, the Elevate - digital facial toner can now be the secret to help you get toned and even skin. Without surgery or testing different brands of cosmetic toners, you can try the Elevate device from the comfort of your own home; with multiple settings options that help to stimulate your blood circulation in order to promote cell regeneration. With age, the elasticity of your skin weakens and it can appear saggy and soft. Elevate aims to change this common problem of ageing skin by helping to maintain the tone especially around the face and neck.

  • Helps to tone the face and neck muscles
  • Aids in reducing signs of ageing skin
  • Aims to combat saggy and soft skin
  • Helps to increase circulation in your skin for cells regeneration
  • Digital display on the toner

Elevate – digital toner aims to maintain the youth of your skin by supporting circulation especially in the face and neck area. In the skin toning process, Elevate helps to remove the toxic cells from your skin to remove the appearance of sagginess, revealing your healthy and nourished skin.

Importance of skin toning with age

Ageing reduces the effectiveness of two important skin proteins namely collagen and elastic, these two skin proteins add strength to your skin making it look tighter and firmer. A lack of collagen and elastin reduces the muscle tone of your skin with every passing year, therefore making it appear soft and saggy with fine lines and wrinkles. Men and women wanting to get rid of the problem of ageing skin can therefore start using toners that support muscle toning to help make your skin appear younger for longer.

Elevate - Digital Facial Toner

Elevate digital facial toner supports your skin to ensure it remains toned, its EMS technology helps to contract your muscles especially around face and neck. Simultaneously, it helps to stimulate your blood circulation to pave way for cell regeneration, which in turn helps to alleviate existing toxic skin pores to exhibit your youthful skin. Elevate - Digital Facial Toner supports healthy and nourished skin with a reduced appearance of fine lines and ageing.

The benefit of EMS technology in this toner extends beyond just the appearance of your skin. Primarily known as a pain reliever, the impulses of EMS technology help to contract the muscles in your face and neck to promote anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.

Elevate - Digital Facial Toner Use

We recommend using Elevate - Digital Facial Toner based on its main settings -

  • Six minutes for a relaxing or normal facial.
  • Four minutes for an intensive facial

Ensure you remove all jewellery on your body when using this device.

Dab the heads of Elevate in a water-based moisturiser before using on your skin.

For ease of use, you can see the display settings and set the Elevate - Digital Facial Toner simply; referring to the recommended device settings. It automatically shuts down after the timer is done.

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  • ive started to accept that my skin is ageing a little more than i would like, so i tried this toner to help tighten up the skin a bit and reduce the sagginess and i think it is helping well so far!

    j jolene leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

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