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Hair Straightener Brush by Eco Masters

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What is the Eco Masters hair straightener brush

Eco Masters hair straightener brush is a high temperature performing straightener, which helps to give you perfectly straight hair without without worry about heat damage. Its capacity to heat up quickly makes it an essential asset in your styling kit as you will be able to get ready quickly and without fuss. Eco Masters hair straightener brush minimizes damage and gives frizzy or wavy hair a straight and shiny look.

How does the Eco Masters hair straightener brush work?

The Eco Masters hair straightening brush is a brand new hair straightener designed with the most innovative feature. It is lightweight and easy to use. You can use your straightener when you’re ready instead of waiting for the straightener to be ready for you. It helps give you smooth hair and helps prevents damage with its ionic technology. The brush end also prevents damage whilst giving you straight shiny hair.


Before using the Eco Masters hair straightener brush, ensure the hair is dry and combed through thoroughly

Switch on the Eco Masters Hair Straightener Brush by pressing on the ‘power switch’ for 3 seconds.

You can then select the desired temperature for your hair. Whilst the Eco Masters hair straightener brush is heating up, section your hair

Placing the device close to the root of the hair, hold firmly and slowly glide down the entire length of the hair

Repeat the process if necessary or move to other sections of hair. It is advised that you allow the hair to cool down before using other styling products.

To switch off the Eco Masters hair straightener brush simply press the ‘power switch button for 3 seconds. It is also recommended that you let the Eco Masters hair straightener brush cool down before packing it away.

Safe to Use

Eco Masters hair straightener brush was designed for customer safety. The ceramic panes ensure that the heat is evenly spread preventing burnt spots. It also uses revolutionary ionic technology which promotes hair hydration and healing. Eco Masters hair straightener brush is an advanced hair straightener as it has an auto shut off characteristic. If the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes, it automatically switches off. However, it is strongly advised that you keep the appliance attended at all times when it is on or plugged in.


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  • * The box looks amazing and arrived on time. The hairbrush is very easy to use and feels great. Leaves my hair soft and silky.
  • * Brilliant hair brush. Much better than what you get in the stores in the highstreet for a cheaper price. Could not ask for more.
  • * Excellent!