Eco Masters Fango Body Wrap Kit

Detox & Cleanse Body Wrap
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Fango Clay

Fango Clay dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Rome where it was well known for its healing properties. Being rich in minerals and sulphur it was used to nourish, tone and energise the skin and body. The Eco Masters Fango Clay Body Wrap consists of three components, solid (clay), liquid (heated water) and biological (algae and minerals). The term Fango originates from Italian and translates to “mud” or “healing mud”. The clay is famously known for its healing properties and wide use popularity in application.

When combined with warmth and relaxation The Eco Masters Fango Clay Body Wrap helps boost energy and vitality and is designed to feel deep and detoxifying. The combination of natural ingredients helps to improve circulation and relax muscles; it also is known to have many beneficial effects on the skin. The temperate and structure of the water provide the perfect conditions for the microbes in the Fango clay to get to work.

Eco Masters Fango Clay Body Wrap

The body wrap, in combination with the natural Fango clay, can be used to help detoxify the body, boost metabolism and improve circulation. This pampering experience can help provide multiple benefits:

Detoxification : Body wraps containing mud or clay can help the body to flush out toxins naturally through the process of metabolic skin stimulation. Eliminating these harmful toxins can have a positive effect on your health and overall well-being.

Weight/Inch Loss : Detoxifying ingredients help to sweat out excess water and toxins whilst aiding in tightening the skin. This may help to contour the body causing temporary inch loss

Exfoliation & Moisturisation : Clay Body wraps help to moisturise and exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells leaving behind a smoother complexion and glow. The combination of natural ingredients help to nourish, hydrate and soothe the skin helping with conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and cellulite.

Relaxation: Fango clay contains many minerals and elements that work together to help relax muscles and induce deep relaxation.

How To Use?

The Eco Masters Clay Body Wraps are simple and easy to use. We recommend you follow the instructions below:

1. Remove the metal clips from the bandage and place it in a heat resistant container.

2. Then pour the hot water so the bandage is fully covered.

3. Apply in a 2mm layer, to the affected area and wrap the bandage around the same skin area. Gently get rid of any excess water before application.

4. Allow it to work for 40 to 60 minutes.

5. Remove the wrap initially with a dry cloth and finish washing the area.

We recommend using only once or twice a week so the active ingredients can get to work over the time period suggested.

Package Includes

500g grey Fango Clay

2 Reusable 4.5m Body Wraps

Safe To Use

The Eco Masters Fango Clay Wrap is made using the finest natural ingredients specially picked by our beauty specialist. As the ingredients are 100% natural, there are no known side effects. However, we recommend checking that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed.

*The results using the The Eco Masters Fango Clay Wrap can vary from person to person.