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Indulge in the power of nature with the Fango Body Wrap Kit. By using mineral-rich Fango Clay sourced from the Komenda Valley, you can experience premium quality from the comfort and ease of your own home. A complete kit for the perfect home spa experience, this Fango Body Wrap is all you will need for the ideal pampering night in, treating your body and relaxing.

  • Complete body wrap kit
  • Detoxes and helps to purify the skin
  • Ideal for cellulite and body imperfections
  • Fango GreyClay from Komenda Valley
  • 2 reusable stretchy wraps
  • One kit contains 10 applications

Fango clay is considered the pinnacle of grey clay masks thanks to it’s amazing properties. Not only does it contains an abundance of skin-loving vitamins and minerals, it is also super absorbent making it perfect for helping to detox the skin of oils, dirt and impurities. When used as part of the Fango Body Wrap Kit, and accompanied with the easy to use wraps included, it is ideal for use on any part of the body, particularly the stomach, arms and legs.

The Fango Body Wrap Kit

This at-home body wrap kit is a natural way to give your skin a treat. Using pure and powerful fango clay, this kit has been specially created to offer the best quality around. A beauty secret held for centuries, fango clay is the epitome of clay masks. Found in the rich grounds of the remarkable Komenda Valley, this clay is well known for its amazing properties. The key to the magic of the clay is in the benefits of the valleys land as well as the careful manual extraction process.

Found in the Komenda Valley for millions of years, this amazing clay has slowly accumulated a range of precious minerals including calcium, silicon, iron, potassium and magnesium as well as numerous other beneficial micronutrients. The clay is then carefully hand extracted and then left out in the sun to dry for at least two days in order to activate it by soaking up the sun's valuable energy. This premium clay is never dried in industrial kilns or infused with chemicals to ensure the best quality natural clay and an assurance that it is 100% natural.

As a result of the prime quality of this tremendous clay, the Fango Body Wrap Kit by Eco Masters is ideal for use on the skin. One of the main benefits is how it can help with the appearance of cellulite, making it the perfect wrap for the body. It can also help with skin firmness and giving it an overall healthy look so is ideal for use on body imperfections. Additionally, being a grey clay, it is highly absorbable so is ideal for balancing oily or combination skin types and even for helping those with skin prone to spots and blemishes. This is because it can work to detox the skin of impurities and draw out dirt and oils. Thanks to its natural mineral-rich composition, it is also perfect for supporting the health of the skin. It can help to brighten, tone and nurture, to leave it looking beautifully radiant and fresh.

What’s included

500g of 100% natural Fango Clay.

2 reusable 4.5m wraps with metal clips.

Directions for use

Remove the metal clips and place an unrolled bandage in a heat resistant container. You can use one or both of the wraps depending on the size of the area. Add hot (but not boiling) water so that they are completely covered. Whilst the water is slowly heating the bandages, you can prepare the clay mask.

To make the mask, mix 50g of clay with warm water (this should be in a ratio of 30% water to 70% clay) in a non-metal cup with a wooden or plastic spoon. We do not recommend using a metal bowl or spoon as this can affect the properties of the clay. Ensure when you are mixing to slowly add the clay to the water and then mix until it is smooth. The amount of the mask you will need depends on the area you wish to cover, so if you are aiming for a large area of skin then we suggest creating one batch and then making more as needed.

Once you have created your clay mix and the wraps have been left in the hot water for a few minutes, you can begin applying the mask. Using either your fingertips or a designated brush, apply the clay mask mix in a 2mm layer. Once you are happy that the mask is evenly spread, wring out any excess water and then wrap the bandage around the area on top of the mask.

Once done, sit back and relax and let the mask get to work. After around 40 to 60 minutes remove the wrap and then the mask with a dry cloth at first, and then with warm water. You can then simply wash the wraps with warm water ready for the next mask. We recommend using the Fango Body Wrap Kit once or twice a week in order to get the most out of the product.


The Fango Body Wrap Kit only uses 100% natural Fango Grey Clay and no added preservatives, artificial colourings or chemicals. As a result, is safe to use with no known side effects. Before first use, please make sure you have no allergies to grey clay and if you are unsure, conduct a patch test 24 hour prior to first use on a small area of skin.

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