Eco Masters Dermaroller

The Eco Masters Dermaroller is a brand new product in our beauty range designed to reduce scars, age spots, stretch marks and sun damage by boosting the skin’s rejuvenating capacities. The Eco Masters Dermaroller improves blood circulation to speed up skin healing and help the skin repair and regenerate itself naturally, thus giving you flawless skin.

  • 0.5mm micro needles ensures an in-depth but gentle treatment of the skin
  • Encourages the natural healing capacities of the skin
  • Reduces scars, sun damage and blemishes
  • Smoothes out lines and wrinkles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Encourages Lymphatic drainage which gets rid of toxins and impurities in the skin
  • Rejuvenates and renews the skin for brand new baby soft skin
  • Next day delivery

With the help of the Dermaroller, the skin renews itself, creating a perfect canvas. No need to fear the effect of different chemicals or ingredients on your skin! The Eco Masters Dermaroller gives you healthy, glowing, youthful skin by simply stimulating the skin into action. You can of course use the derma roller in conjunction with other skincare products.

Effectiveness: 540 Needles
Strength: 0.5 mm
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What is the Eco Masters Dermaroller?

The Eco Masters Dermaroller is a dermaroller designed with the latest technology to give you flawless, healthy skin. It is appropriate for all skin types and all skin tones. The 0.5 mm needle means that it can be used safely. The results are gradual but effective. With the Eco Masters Dermaroller you can yield the same results as clinical microneedling. You can use the Eco Masters Dermaroller in the comfort of your own home for as little as £29.00, a cost-effective method compared to expensive clinical sessions.

Understanding the Skin

The shedding of old skin and the appearance of newer skin is a process which occurs constantly. However, at a certain age, this process slows down drastically. Experts say that the skin of people within the 40-50 age-group renews itself only once every 53 days. This can lead to the accumulation of old skin cells. The damage that our skin undergoes on a daily basis thus becomes more and more apparent. The Eco Master dermaroller assists the skin which is struggling to regenerate, hence giving you the same effects of young and fully-functioning skin.

What is the Dermaroller?

The dermaroller is a revolutionary apparatus with the capacity of renewing and regenerating skin naturally. Its mechanism is simple but brilliant. With the aid of the 192 miniscule medical-grade needles, the dermaroller creates microchannels into the surface of the skin. This triggers the blood cells into action. The healing process begins and old skin is replaced with brand new tissues. With the old skin gone, previous hyperpigmentation marks, age spots, blemishes and imperfections start to disappear and the skin becomes clearer and more perfected.

How does the Eco Masters Dermaroller work?

The Eco Masters Dermaroller has 192 micro needles which penetrate the top of the skin and create micro abrasions. Those micro abrasions are not visible to the naked eye but they trigger the skin into healing which occurs mainly in the form of skin renewal. Say hi to you new perfect skin with no old scars and wrinkles. The Eco Masters Dermaroller also fights stretch marks or any unsightly irregularities that occur at the surface of the skin.


Simply roll the dermaroller gently on the surface of the skin. Roll the device over the region you wish to treat 4 times vertically, 4 times horizontally, 4 times diagonally to the left and 4 times diagonally to the right. Do not use on active acne or fresh wounds. It is recommended to use the to 2-3 times per week for visible results. To protect the skin from the sun, use a sunscreen during the day.

Safe to Use:

Since the needles in the Eco Masters Dermaroller micro-needles are minuscule, they are safe for the skin. We recommend that you do not share your dermaroller with anyone else. Make sure to keep the microneedle part clean and to use your Eco Masters Dermaroller within the recommended given time.


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* Results may vary from one person to another.

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