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Beard Oil by Eco Masters

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Eco Masters Beard Oil – Beard Care

Eco Masters Beard Oil uses the latest breakthroughs in natural hair care. This beard oil is designed to maintain even the wildest beards, it can help moisturise and nourish your beard, supporting your journey to a more manageable and softer beard.

The beard is subject to many daily challenges, which can affect the smell and appearance of your beard. Beards can pick up smells from food, smoke and other particles, Eco Masters Beard Oil can help you maintain the beards natural scent throughout the day. The Eco Masters Beard Oil also has the ability to help you style and shape your beard to your desired style and retain the look throughout the day. Eco Masters Beard Oil is the perfect solution for any man who wants to naturally care and maintain his beard whilst even helping to promote growth.

How It Works


Eco Masters Beard Oil is beneficial to the beard due to the established natural ingredients.


Each ingredient used has their own specific advantages which provides amazing properties in one powerful oil.


The main ingredients used in the Eco Masters Beard Oil consist of Pumpkin seed oil which helps boost the production of hair, Almond oil which is used to aid styling the beard and giving it a healthy shine, Jojoba oil effects the sebaceous gland which helps maintain the skin around the beard area and is know to stop the beard drying out.

The Benefits Of Beard Oil

The beard has become one of the most fashionable accessories a man can have, now becoming more and more popular it has resulted in a demand for different ways to care for and maintain the beard. Thanks to this high demand for beard care products Eco Masters Beard Oil was created, by using the beard oil you can expect the following benefits:

Every man knows that growing a beard can become itchy after one month into the growth, some men can ignore it and some men give up and this results in trimming the hairs. Eco Masters Beard Oil can help with the production of sebum oil which aids in moisturising the beard and making it less itchy.

Beard Dandruff may occur when you grow a beard and don’t maintain it with beard oil, the skin underneath becomes dry and irritated, which will lead to itchy skin. If this happens and nothing is done to treat the dry skin you can expect to experience flaking skin from over dryness. If you are using the Beard Oil regularly then the skin may become moisturised and nourished making that itchy beard a problem of the past.

If you have been using the beard oil regularly you may find the skin underneath the hair has become intensively moisturised and also may see improvements in skin elasticity and beard growth.


All of the ingredients used in Eco Masters Beard Oil is 100% natural and can be used without any unwanted side effects or risks. We encourage you to read the ingredient list carefully to be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. The ingredients used in the Beard Oil are as follows:

Virgin Argan Oil
This is established as an incredible skincare ingredient, it is known to help inhibit sebum production whilst also moisturising the skin under the beard
Jojoba Oil
Due to this ingredient being similar to natural oil production, it can be easily be absorbed into the skin to provide extra nourishment.
Vitamin E Oil
A known remedy to help with beard dandruff and aims to stimulate beard growth whilst also nourishing the skin underneath.
Sweet Almond Oil
Known to be great at nourishing and balancing the skin underneath the beard whilst also supporting hair regrowth.
Avocado Oil
This ingredient allows nourishment to be absorbed into the skin and beard quickly due to the variety of beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Known to stimulate hair growth and aims to prevent hair thinning, known to work particularly well when accompanied by the other ingredients.
Hemp Seed Oil
There are known properties in hemp oil that are established in providing extra strength to the follicle in order to help prevent hair loss and promote a thicker and fuller beard.
Grape Seed Oil
Established in helping with signs of dandruff, with regular use it aims to reduce the visibility whilst nourishing the skin to prevent it from returning.

Virgin argan oil, Pure Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Aprikoskerneolie, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, hemp seed oil, Grape seed oil.

Customer Reviews

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  • * I bought this for my boyfriend as i was always tired of how scratchy his beard was, after not long i was complimenting him on how soft and good it looked!
  • * I rate this beard oil as it has helped to make my beard softer and neater however as you would expect it is pretty oily!
  • * Got this as a gift and cannot fault it at all, does the job well and easily, will repurchase when i run out