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The power of steam

Steam can truly work wonders for your skin, and being completely natural it’s an amazing addition to any skincare routine. Steam works to open up the pores and helps to remove any grease, dirt and make-up residue lurking inside which could have otherwise lead to blemishes, spots and blackheads. When steaming the face, it can also penetrate the epidermis and help to push impurities to the surface of the skin. It additionally causes your skin to sweat, resulting in toxins being released due to the heat. Another great benefit of using steam, especially on the face, is that as it opens up the pores, it can allow for better absorption of skincare products. This means that when using an expensive cream or lotion after steaming your face, you can be assured you’re truly getting the most out of it.

The Facial Steamer

Offering a spa-like experience from the comfort and ease of your own home, the Facial Steamer by Eco Masters is the perfect way to relax and care for your skin at home. Saving you time and money from constant visits to the salon, the Facial Steamer offers the same method but for a one-off investment that can work out to be a fraction of the cost.

Specifically created to be easy to use, the steamer has a simple and hassle free design. It’s also modern and stylish making it enjoyable to use and not out of place amongst beauty devices and products. Plus, being compact, it is easy to take with you so you can enjoy the at-home spa experience with your friends and treat them to a pampering session too!

Directions and tips

The Facial Steamer has been designed to be simple to use and makes an enjoyable at home experience. Begin by removing the tank and filling with water then place back into the device. We suggest purified water in order to give your skin the best. Once filled, press the power button and steam should begin within 20 seconds. Position your face 20cm away from the device and let the steam penetrate into your pores for up to 10 minutes. Once finished press the power button again to turn the device off. We also have some additional tips for making the most out of your Facial Steamer:

Before using, make sure that your skin is perfectly clean and free from any make-up.

This is optional, but feel free to apply a serum to your skin before using the Facial Steamer.

Another prepping step is to add some cucumber slices or tea bags to the undereye area.

You can also try adding your favourite essential oils to help add to the relaxing spa-like feel.

After use, make sure to apply your favourite moisturiser as the skin is prepped and ready to absorb it better.


The Eco Masters Face Steamer is perfectly safe to use and harnesses a natural technique for cleansing the face. Do not use the device for longer than the suggested time period and make sure to keep your face at least 20cm away from the device when using and not put it too close to the steam. For complete instructions and advice with using the product, consult the user manual provided before first use.