South Beach Dark Under Eye Corrector

Suffering from dark under eye circles can make your whole appearance look tired and dull. If makeup seems to provide a temporary solution, getting rid of them has never been harder, especially after those long hours in the office or those late night outs. South Beach has decided to come to the rescue by launching the brand new South Beach Under Eye Corrector. Clinically designed and dermatologically tested, South Beach Under Eye Corrector is the perfect product for that delicate and thin layer of skin which surrounds the eye. South Beach Dark Under Eye Corrector will brighten, correct, soothe and moisturise.

  • Lightens under eye circles
  • Brightens the area
  • Soothes, cools and calms the under eye region
  • Depuffs under eye bags
  • Improves the circulation
  • Moisturises and hydrates
  • Repairs in an in-depth way
  • Injects the skin with antioxidants

South Beach Dark Under Eye Corrector is your perfect eye care product made for all skin types, including those with the most sensitive of skins. It will be your best friend in the morning when you have to run out of the door. It quickly and instantly depuffs the eye area and it will gradually strengthen and brighten the skin.

Type: Cream
Size: 10 ml.

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What is South Beach Dark Under Eye Corrector?

The South Beach Under Eye Corrector is an eye care product made primarily to eliminate the appearance of under eye circles. Those ungainly blue shadows can really bring our appearance down. Whilst dealing with this problem, South Beach Under Eye Corrector also smoothes out the skin and moisturises it for less wrinkly and tired looking eyes. Infused with mint and cucumber extracts, South Beach Under Eye Corrector creates a cooling effect which is not only pleasant but beneficial towards depuffing and soothing the under eyes.

What are dark under eye circles?

Dark under eye circles are those ghastly looking shadows which appear under the eye area. There are several reasons behind their occurrence. South Beach Under eye Corrector does not only help you resolve the problem of dark circles but works towards fixing the reasons they occur as well. For instance, dark under eye circles is a common problem because that specific area of skin is very often thin, thus allowing the blue veins underneath to be more prominent. South Beach Under Eye Corrector strengthens and thickens that skin with horse chestnut extract so that it is less transparent. Another reason behind dark under eye circles is a lack of blood circulation, thus creating puffiness and darkness around the eyes. South Beach Under Eye Corrector tackles the problem from the source with its rosemary extract-infused formula. Rosemary is well known for stimulating blood circulation.

How does the South Beach Dark Under Eye Corrector work?

The South Beach Dark Under Eye Corrector is a multifunctional eye care product which treats the under eye on several levels. It lightens and brightens the eye using an Instabrite technology. South Beach Dark Under Eye Corrector is unlike other lightening products because it doesn’t use harsh or dangerous chemicals to bleach the skin. Instead, it reduces the number of melanin-inducing enzymes in the skin, hence reducing hyperpigmentation.


Simply use the roller ball applicator which comes with the South beach Dark Under Eye Corrector to gently apply the product under the eye. The roller ball itself will provide a cooling effect to the under eyes. Use your ring finger to delicately tap South Beach Under Eye Corrector in as the under eye is sensitive and needs to be taken care of with a light hand.

Why Should I use South Beach Under Eye Corrector?

South Beach Under Eye Corrector contains several key elements to eradicate the appearance of under eye circles. For example, caffeine to tone, mint and cucumber to cool and revify, seaweed extract to depuff, horse chestnut extract to stengthen, almond oil to moisturise and repair damaged skin, Vitamin C to brighten and rejuvenate, rosemary for improved circulation and licorice to prevent melanin formation and pigmentation.

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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