Dandrene Shampoo

205ml Shampoo | With Zinc Pyrithione & Lupine Protein
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What is Dandrene?

It’s an antidandruff shampoo developed by DS Laboratories to help tackle the embarrassing signs of dandruff. Do greasy scales left behind on your clothes embarrass you? Reluctant to wear that timeless little black dress or smart black suit with fear that little white flake may show? Dandrene antidandruff shampoo uses antimycotic technology to aid inhibitting the fungi that generates dandruff. This supplies you with a solution that helps bring back your confidence for good and allow you to choose freely about the colour of clothing you want to wear.

Dandrene antidandruff shampoo offers a balanced mix of science and natural botanicals for safe and gentle use on your hair. Its natural formula avoids any unwanted side effects while helping to provide you with a clean scalp.

How does it work?

Dandrene antidandruff shampoo has endured multiple scientific testing, and uses successful antimycotic technology to support stopping fungi. This is done by drying up the excess oil on your scalp that helps to feed the fungi while also helping to repair and rejuvenate the hair and scalp.

The Dandrene antidandruff shampoo works in three core ways:

  1. It targets the infectious fungi, which feeds on excess sebum and causes dandruff to spread and grow.
  2. It can help control and dry up any excess sebum and oils that feed and fuel the growth of fungi, this prevents you from getting a greasy scalp.
  3. It has been developed to deliver vital nutrients to support and the rebuild hair and scalp to help maintain health and keep dandruff at bay.

Dandrene aims to stop itching of the scalp and help to overcome soreness and irritation. Unlike many other alternative antidandruff shampoos available, it combines active ingredients climbazole, makuka, willow and brewer’s yeast. These properties are incorporated alongside a host of other scalp and hair benefitting properties, establishing a formula that aims to combat against dandruff unlike any other product available.

What causes dandruff?

It is essentially a symptom where you will find any excess flaking of dead skin cells, especially from the scalp. It often causes constant itching, flakiness, sore reddens and sometimes even an unpleasant odour. All of these symptoms may easily take over your life without the use of an effective antidandruff shampoo.

A common misconception that comes with dandruff is that it’s caused by dry or oily skin and when you use too much shampoo or styling products. However, advances in science and hair care technology have found that a yeast type called Malassezia may actually be the source to those little white flakes. This type of yeast has a taste for skin oils and thrives in sebaceous glands.

At any one time, millions of malasseziaca can be found on the human head. They will often live in harmony with all the other natural oils that can be found there. However, if you start to produce more sebum on your scalp then this can cause the fungi to feed on it. This promotes an increase in acidic irritation, which results in a higher cell turnover, establishing the common flakiness we associated with dandruff. Dandrene antidandruff has incorporated many highly researched compounds designed to help prevent this fungi and stop the creation of dandruff.

What are the ingredients?

Dandrene antidandruff shampoo contains a unique formula of carefully selected ingredients chosen for their abilities. Some of the most beneficial and active ingredients included in Dandrene are:

Climbazole – This is a broad spectrum antimycotic (compound that targets fungi) which has been known to help work against malassezia, which naturally settles on our skin.

Willow – Willow gently combats oily dandruff flakes, it helps soothe and reduce redness and itchiness.

Brewer’s Yeast – Contains a rich source of essential B vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes. It’s incorporated into Dandrene to help repair hair and leave it stronger and shinier.

Manuka – Is a shrub that stops fungi Malassezia from spreading. The white flowers of this shrub are also known to produce manuka honey!

How do I use my Dandrene?

Apply this antidandruff shampoo onto your scalp 3-4 times a week. Use a small amount and work into your head to create lather, then rinse away. Repeat this process again and leave on your scalp for 2 minutes and then rinse away. Always follow the instructions when using Dandrene.

Safe to use

Only use Dandrene antidandruff shampoo if you suffer with dandruff. Avoid using if you have inflamed or broken skin. We reccomend to only use this product as directed.