Coconut Splash

Oil Pulling in Coconut Flavour

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What is Oil Pulling?

Brushing your teeth cannot be the only key to a healthy smile. In addition, the act of oil pulling helps to maintain good teeth, gums and smile. As one of the traditional ways to maintain oral hygiene, oil pulling includes swilling or rinsing essential oils inside the mouth. Common essential oils used for the purpose of oil pulling are sunflower oil and sesame seed oil; each with unique properties. Another oil that can really help to change the way you smile and improve your oral hygiene is coconut oil.

Coconut Splash

To help you continue the traditional practice of oil pulling, experts at Maxmedix formulated Coconut Splash with peppermint flavouring. Firstly, its virgin coconut oil ingredient helps to improve dental and gum hygiene and secondly, the peppermint supports good breath. Leftover food particles leave germs and bacteria inside your mouth which Coconut Splash helps to detox for both men and women. Each pack of Coconut Splash for oil pulling contains 14 sachets to be used for two weeks along with your existing dental care routine.

Essential oils that compose Coconut Splash have antibacterial and antifungal properties which help to reduce the germs and bacteria existing inside your mouth. This oil pulling formula from Maxmedix supports healthy gums as well. Coconut Splash aims to help you to smile broader, bigger and more frequently.

Coconut Splash Use For Oil Pulling

To get a contagious smile, you have to add Coconut Splash to your existing dental care routine for a period of two weeks in the following ways –

  • Tear the sachet at the dotted line.
  • Squeeze the entire contents of the sachet into your mouth.
  • Exactly how you use mouthwash, swish the Coconut Splash around inside your mouth without swallowing it.
  • You can do this for 5-15 minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth out after using Coconut Splash.