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Cellusmooth with Gel Cellulite Reduction Aid Device

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What is Cellu Smooth?

Cellu Smooth is an ergonomic hand held device designed to help tackle cellulite from the comfort of your own home. It aims to lessen cellulite appearances using ‘Ultrasound Waves’, where the vibrations help to penetrate through skin layers and target cellulite at the source. The Cellu Smooth device also makes use of thermal energy that supports improving lymph and blood circulation, this is necessary for the reduction of cellulite and pimple appearances.

How does it help me?

Cellu Smooth uses optimum sized wavelengths that are known to penetrate up to 2-3mm below the surface of skin. These help to tackle the three major signs and causes of cellulite:

  • The fibrous bands beneath the dermis skin layer that causes the dimpled effects designed to tackle even the trickiest of areas.
  • The thin uneven dermis overlaying the fatty area.
  • Excess fat, which forms bulging areas.

Unlike other creams and gels, Cellu Smooth uses three specific modes to help combat cellulite: burst, melt and tighten. These have been seen to be successful in helping to remove cellulite safely. People of all shapes and sizes experience cellulite, and although no harm to your health, the appearance can be disheartening and knock your self-confidence.

Using the Cellu Smooth

The Cellu Smooth is wired, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery half way through a session! Before you begin, it is essential that you prepare yourself for maximum cellulite removal effects. Always ensure the area you are tackling is clean and clear from any lotions or creams. First of all, apply the Cellu Smooth Gel to the section of skin you wish to focus on, and then apply the device to the area. If you are focusing on a large area of cellulite, you should use a stroking (back and forth) action. If it is just a small patch, you can use a rotating motion. Make sure you don’t focus on one area for longer than necessary, as the device may become too hot.

Each session will last just 15 minutes; to make your experience a safe one, the hand held device comes with a 15-minute safety cut off timer. This ensures that you don’t overuse it. (It’s important to note that overuse of the Cellu Smooth will have no benefit)

What do I get in my box?

  • Main Unit
  • Mains Adapter
  • Anti-Cellulite Gel
  • Full Comprehensive Instructions

Does the Cellu Smooth get hot?

It doesn’t get hot, although it can feel warm to touch. This warming sensation makes the device effective in tackling the cellulite appearances effectively, to ensure you don’t experience any uncomfortable heat, the device comes with a 15 minute cut off timer.

When should I use it?

The device can be used for 15 minutes at a time. We recommend you use the Cellu Smooth 2-4 times a week. Compared to booking into somewhere professional to get rid of your cellulite, this device offers convenience and ease at its best. It fits easily into your routine and your life.

Safe to use

After years of use and many a satisfied customer, the technology has outdone its self on the care and attention to the safety of the device. Ultra Sound technology is so safe that it’s even used on pregnant women in scans. The components themselves in Cellu Smooth are built with your safety and comfort in mind, although if you still require more information, please read the manual included in the pack.

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