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After Depilation Bikini Gel

60ml Gel | Bikini gel for post intimate hair removal use
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Intimate hair removal for women

Hair removal around the bikini region helps to maintain a clean intimate section of the body. The two convenient methods for intimate hair removal is waxing and shaving, however the common drawbacks to these methods is itchiness or pain. For some women, the skin becomes irritated, red and inflamed, which makes most women try to find a solution to the problem or avoid it all together.

CC After Depilation Gel Bikini

To help women lessen the discomfort associated with their usual bikini hair removal sessions, the CC After Depilation Gel Bikini is formulated with aqua, cetearyl alcohol and calcium thioglycolate. This intimate skin care product supports a healthy and well-nourished intimate section by fighting against the usual post hair removal pain or itchiness. This bikini gel also helps to maintain your trimmed bikini region for a longer span of time.

Skin experts at Cobeco Cosmetics composed CC After Depilation Gel Bikini using the finest blend of natural ingredients. This includes a highly alkaline chemical called calcium thioglycolate which impacts the protein structure of your intimate hair. By doing so, it aims to disrupt the growth of the hair from its follicle and helps you remain hair free for longer.

CC After Depilation Gel Bikini Use

We recommend using CC After Depilation Gel Bikini in the following ways –

  • You have to use CC After Depilation Gel Bikini gel after the hair removal process.
  • You should try using it up to 4 days after hair removal.
  • It is recommended to use the gel directly on your bikini region without any other oil or moisturiser.
  • Make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply this gel.

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  • * i always hated the after effects of waxing or shaving as i have sensitive skin but this has been a life saver for me!
* Results may vary from one person to another.