Care after Waxing

Ultra Hair Away prolongs the longevity of your hair removal method.


Waxing is a well-known method of removing hair; combined with good after waxing care it can prove to be an effective and a non-frequent method of doing so. It can help you remove hair from large areas and smaller more delicate areas, such as the bikini line. Waxing can be an effective method of depilation, which is where the entire hair shaft is removed from below the skin's surface. It often means keeping the fuzz away only has to be done once in a while.

Many people opt for waxing as it makes hair stay away for longer than other methods, such as shaving. Any hair that does come back is usually fewer in number and finer than before. This means that those of you who suffer with thick, black and course hair, choosing the waxing hair removal option could be a better choice for you. This, combined with effective after waxing care, could set you on the way to experiencing a more prolonged smooth and supple feeling with a longer hair free effect.

Get the most out of your waxing experience…

  1. Always let your hair grow to a certain length before removing it, generally it is advised to be 1/8 inch long before removal. This allows the wax to stand a better chance of eliminating the hair from the shaft better.
  2. If you are a beginner, it may be advisable to start off with cooler wax and work your self up to warmer temperatures; this helps gage what temperature is best for you and helps to avoid you getting burnt.
  3. Always make sure you integrate after waxing care into your regime. This soothes the area where the hair has been removed and helps to prolong a hairless sensation.
  4. Lightly powder the area before you wax, as this will help the wax to grip.

After waxing care is essential, not only does it help to keep your unwanted hair away for longer but it also keeps your skin in great condition for a smoother lasting feeling. After you have successfully removed unwanted hair, the area will tend to be extra sensitive. Take care to limit the area to sunlight and be sure to cool it if well, avoid any hot saunas or steam rooms for the next two days. After waxing care products are easy to use and are always recommended to use soon after waxing has taken place.