Bubble masks, what do they do for your skin?

Bubble masks can come as a cream, clay or even sheet mask but overall they all leave you with a lot of bubbles. Their aim is to deeply cleanse the skin and help to remove dirt and impurities from the pores, in turn clearing blackheads, reducing oil and hydrating the skin. The hydrating is done with an oxygenation process, which when generated on the skin at the time of use, enhances the penetration; this is designed to be a more affordable version of oxygen facial. These bubble masks contain free-radical fighting ingredients that will help to nourish the skin.

Specifically using clay as an active ingredient the Neutriherbs bubble mask aims to provide a detoxifying effect to the skin. Bentonite clay has been widely used for acne specifically. It has been known to when mixed with water, act like a magnet to draw the toxins out, a great feature to have when using for skin problems that involve bacteria, fungus and impurities. It also becomes a highly porous substance once mixed with water; meaning that it will be able to absorb more than in its original state.

The active ingredients in these bubble masks include known properties to provide benefits to the skin:

Volcanic Soil - This ingredient is known for being highly absorptive and its abilities in drawing out toxins. It is used because it is well established in being able to absorb excess oil, reduce shine on the skin and help to heal and soothe any impurities.
image of bentonite clay
Bentonite Clay - Similar to the volcanic soil this ingredient also helps to absorb sebum and reduce the appearance of impurities on the skin. Its main trait is helping to de clog the pores from dirt and grime, commonly used in masks made for oily skin due to its non-comedogenic properties.
image of carbonated bubbles
Carbonated Bubbles - The ingredient responsible for providing the foaming effect the bubble mask has, with properties to provide gentle massaging of the pores to help extract the dirt and oil that may be trapped.
image of hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic Acid - Widely known to help balance the moisture levels in the skin whilst also acting to plump and hydrate, aims to leave dull and dry skin looking and feeling soft and nourished.

How to use

image of woman using bubble mask

1. It is not necessary to wash your face prior to use however you should ensure it is free from makeup. It is also important to thoroughly wash your hands before use.

2. Before you carry out your skincare routine, apply a generous and even layer of the bubble mask to your face being careful to avoid going too close to the eyes, your nostrils and the lips.

3. Allow the bubbles to appear (which will vary from product to product) and once they have grown to their maximum size, using a small amount of tepid water you can massage them into the skin.

4.Rinse the rest of the mask off with lukewarm water and repeat 2-3 times a week.

It is advised to use bubble masks with caution on extremely sensitive skin due to the cleansing properties, also those suffering with eczema, broken skin or open wounds should avoid using this mask as to not cause more trauma to the skin.

Overall it seems that bubble masks are a great way to treat your skin, they not only act to remove impurities and debris that have made their way into the pores but also to nourish and moisturise; leaving the skin feeling smoother and softer than before.

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