What are the best tips and tricks to get rid of acne

If you thought that once you left your teenage years, you don’t have to worry about skin issues anymore, I have some unfortunate news for you: adult acne exists, and it’s neither pretty nor easy to deal with. But if none of your old acne removal methods work, what are the best tips and tricks to get rid of acne?

1. Determine what the nature of the problem is

Before you can start treating your acne, you need to know what type it is and what is actually causing it. If you’ve had acne in the past then you must be all too familiar with “helpful” advice. Gems like “just wash your face!” are woefully useless, when the cause of your acne could be hormonal. In order to combat your acne, you need to understand your acne, which is why it’s always recommended to pay a visit to the dermatologist, first and foremost.

Otherwise, you might find yourself throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks, so to speak, and you might end up doing more harm than good and damaging your skin in the process. This is especially concerning because some acne treatments tend to be quite aggressive, so before you take any such measures, you need to make sure that you are treating the right problem in the right way.

2. Treat it at home


  • Change your diet
    One of the most obvious steps is also one of the most ignored. I get it, changing your diet is hard and fast food is delicious. However, what we put in our bodies is reflected on the outside and it has a massive effect on how we look. It’s well known that carbs and fats are the mortal enemy of good skin, so what you need is to work on introducing healthier food options into your diet. Fruit and vegetables are a must, while chips and burgers are out. The difference will be visible on your skin in no time.
  • Drink more water
    Water solves a host of health and beauty problems, so you need to up your intake. Similar to how fast food is terrible for your skin, carbonated drinks are, as well, so be sure to avoid them. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times, and whenever you’re craving a coke, just have water, instead. Your skin will thank you and you will, too, once you see what drastic effects this can have on your health and appearance.
  • Establish a skincare routine
    This one’s very important – a skincare routine is essential for everyone, but even more so for people who have problematic skin. Be sure to avoid products that have comedogenic ingredients in them; that is, ingredients, usually oils, that clog your pores. Instead, try a retinoid, or something with an acid (lactic, glycolic, salicylic). Check out our range of Acne Products at Lé Luna. Each product uses a specific blend of natural ingredients known to help fight acne at the source.
  • Let your skin breathe
    What are the best tips and tricks to get rid of acne? Leave it alone. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your skin is to just leave it be. While makeup isn’t directly responsible for your skin issues and acne, it’s always good to give your face a little break and allow it to breathe and be clean and clear, for once. This is also a good exercise to try in order to determine whether your makeup contains ingredients that cause you to break out or not.


  • Don’t pop your pimples
    This goes without saying, but it bears repeating, precisely because so many people seem to be irresistibly attracted to popping pimples. Don’t do it! You’re only inviting infection to set in, which doesn’t do your face any favours. In addition, you are greatly increasing the chances of scarring.
  • Don’t touch your face
    Unless you live in a sterile bubble, your hands will be dirty. So, if you touch your face, the dirt, dust, oils, and germs will have a party on it, fester and perpetuate your problem. Try to avoid touching your face too much, especially when you haven’t washed your hands. Same goes for makeup tools – if they haven’t been cleaned, they don’t touch your face.
  • Don’t use unverified DIY treatments
    While "natural" treatments and DIY can be great, they can absolutely wreck your face if you don’t take your tips from a reliable source. So, that eliminates Pinterest and random Internet strangers who swear by lemon juice, baking soda and sugar scrubs. Consult a dermatologist before you put any DIY cocktail on your face to avoid aggravating your issues.
  • Don’t strip your skin of oils
    One of the biggest mistakes people with acne make is to over-cleanse. An oily face seems to be the problem, so if you take away the oil, then the problem is solved, right? Not quite. You see, your skin’s production of oil needs to be regulated, but if you strip your face completely, then oil production will increase, in order to make up for it. So, really, you’re only making the problem worse. The aim is to find a cleanser that will not only clean the skin but also help to boost circulation and cellular metabolism.

3. Get medication involved

There is only so much you can do without getting a medical prescription involved, so at some point, it’s time to hand the reins over to the professionals and allow them to try medication. The only problem with this is some medications come with unwanted side effects.

  • Antibiotics –Tetracycline, Doxycycline, Erythromycin, or Minocycline are all antibiotics that are routinely prescribed by dermatologists or GPs to help reduce or combat acne.
  • Birth control – If your acne problem has hormonal roots, hormonal birth control can maybe help. It is said that it can regulate your hormone levels and leave your skin clear. Be aware, however, that you may experience side effects such as weight gain, mood swings, or changes in your menstruation. You might also need to try a few different kinds until you find one that works for you and your needs.
  • Accutane – Accutane is some very strong, very effective medication. However, it comes with strict medical supervision and a set of rules. Not everyone is suited to take it and you should 100% avoid it if you’re trying to get pregnant, because it can cause birth defects; but for the right people, it can perform miracles.