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Powder is one of the most classic and essential make-up applications - it’s what gives you the reassurance that your makeup will stay perfect all day long! Whether you opt for a transparent shade or perfectly matched tint, the right tool is essential. For a sublime blending approach, Benecos created their Powder Brush. Made of Birchwood and aluminium, it combines professional expertise with eco-friendliness.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Large, round powder brush
  • Silky soft synthetic hair
  • FSC-certified Birch handle
  • Recyclable Aluminium clamp
  • For loose & pressed powders

Benecos Powder Brush

The right makeup tools are, as every cosmetic aficionado will tell you, completely essential. The benecos Powder Brush aims to give you premium quality application with planet-loving factors. Its large head is ideal for soft, light, natural-looking application, sweeping the face with just a few strokes. The aluminium clamp is fully recyclable, while the Birch wood handle comes from a sustainable source. Every synthetic hair is perfectly soft, for a lusciously pleasurable experience. When the benecos Powder Brush is in your hand, you’re caring for both the planet and your face.

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  • Very good makeup brush, nice to use. Good to know that when it does need replacing I can break it into bits + recycle

    R Rosalind leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

  • Love this brush! Make up goes on so smoothly, looks great and feels lovely.

    B Bianca leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

  • Nice brush! Nice fluffy head so good to blend, never leaves uneven areas or lines

    Y Yvette leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

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